What does Sent as SMS via Server mean on Android?

The phrase Sent as SMS via Server Mean on Android refers to the Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol, which allows sending multimedia messages over Wi-Fi. RCS works only on Android devices and requires an internet connection. If an RCS message is sent to a device not supported, it is sent as an SMS, with the message appearing as ‘Sent as SMS via server’. This is similar to status notifications for SMS messages. To avoid this, users can turn on SMS delivery reports, clear the Message app cache, or turn off RCS chats.

What is Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

RCS is a communication protocol designed to replace traditional SMS messages with a richer system that can transmit in-call multimedia. It offers features like group chats, video, audio, high-resolution images, read receipts, and real-time viewing.

Google offers RCS chat worldwide via its Android Messages app, and a partnership between Google and Samsung allows seamless integration between the two apps. RCS aims to improve phone service communication without additional app stores or carrier download sections.

What are the Benefits of RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) offers several benefits that enhance the traditional SMS/MMS experience. Here are some of them:

  1. Rich Media: RCS allows you to send high-resolution images and videos, as well as audio messages. This is a significant improvement over MMS, which has size limitations and often reduces the quality of sent media.
  2. Group Chats: RCS supports group chats, much like dedicated messaging apps. You can create groups, add or remove participants, and even name the group.
  3. Read Receipts and Typing Indicators: RCS can provide read receipts, so you know when your message has been read. It also shows typing indicators, letting you know when the other person is typing a response.
  4. Better Connectivity: RCS messages can be sent over Wi-Fi or mobile data. This means you can send messages even when you’re not connected to a cellular network, as long as you have internet access.
  5. Location Sharing: RCS allows for real-time location sharing, which can be useful in various situations, such as letting someone know where you are.
  6. Business Messaging: RCS provides a richer experience for business-to-consumer communication. Businesses can send more engaging messages with images, videos, and interactive buttons. It also allows for verified sender information, which can help prevent phishing attempts.
  7. Compatibility: While RCS is not supported by all devices or carriers yet, Google and other companies are working to make it more widely available. In the meantime, if an RCS message can’t be delivered, it will be sent as an SMS or MMS instead.

Please note that while RCS offers many benefits, it also has some limitations. For example, it requires an internet connection, and it’s currently only available on Android devices.

How to turn off sent as SMS via server Android?

If you want to turn off the ‘Sent as SMS via Server’ message on your Android device, you can try the following methods:

  1. Turn on SMS delivery reports:
    • Open the Messages app.
    • Tap your profile icon in the upper-right corner.
    • Go to Settings > Advanced > Get SMS delivery reports.
    • Turn it on.
    • You should stop getting ‘Sent as SMS via server’ and start seeing ‘Sent,’ ‘Delivered,’ or ‘Failed.’
  2. Clear the Message app cache: There’s a chance that your phone can’t send RCS messages due to a temporary bug. Clearing your device cache can resolve such issues.
  3. Turn off RCS chats:
    • Open the Messages app.
    • Click on your profile photo in the top right corner to open settings.
    • Click on Messages settings > General > RCS chats.
    • Here, disable Automatically resend as a text (SMS/MMS).

Please note that turning off RCS chats means that your messages are not end-to-end encrypted, and sending multimedia messages will consume more mobile data. Therefore, it’s not recommended. If you don’t see RCS chats in Settings, first tap Chat Features.

Remember, ‘Sent as SMS via Server’ is not an error message, so fixing it is unnecessary. However, you can revert to regular delivery notifications if you don’t want to see it.

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