How to Generate ORBS of Power Destiny 2

In the dynamic world of Destiny 2, mastering the art of generating Orbs of Power is key to boosting your Super energy and abilities. These mystical orbs can turn the tide of battle, providing a vital advantage in the heat of combat. Today, we’ll delve into the various strategies and techniques to harness the power of Orbs in the Game.

Some of the Best ways to Generate ORBS of Power Destiny 2

Super Kills – Get Kills in Power Destiny 2

The most fundamental method to Generate ORBS of Power Destiny 2 is by making the most of your Super ability. Unleash the might of Supers like the Hunter’s Blade Barrage or the Warlock’s Nova Bomb to efficiently eliminate enemies and shower the battlefield with Orbs of Power, benefitting not only yourself but also your fellow Guardians.

Siphon Mods – Best Way to Generate ORBS of Power Destiny 2

Enter the world of Siphon mods, mounted on your helmet to amplify your Orb-generation capabilities. There are three types to choose from: Harmonic, Kinetic, and Void Siphon. Each has its unique perks – Harmonic Siphon syncs with your subclass element, Kinetic Siphon rewards kills with Kinetic weapons, and Void Siphon activates with Void weapon kills.

Mix and match these mods to find the perfect synergy for your playstyle, keeping in mind that more mods mean higher energy costs.

Use Aspects and Fragments – Generate more ORBS

Elevate your gameplay with subclass-specific enhancements known as Aspects and Fragments. These not only tweak your abilities but also play a role in Orb generation. For instance, the Warlock’s Glacial Harvest Aspect creates Stasis shards upon freezing a target, each shard transforming into a valuable Orb when picked up.

Meanwhile, the Titan’s Whisper of Chains Fragment offers damage resistance and ability regeneration near frozen targets or friendly Stasis crystals, breaking which also results in Orbs.

Experiment and Optimize – The Power Destiny 2

The beauty of Destiny 2 lies in experimentation. Try out different combinations of weapons, mods, and subclasses to discover the most effective way to Generate ORBS of Power Destiny 2 for both personal and team benefit.

Remember, Orbs of Power can significantly enhance your performance and survivability, so don’t underestimate their importance on the battlefield.

How to Farm ORBS of Power in Destiny

In Destiny 2, farming Orbs of Power can significantly enhance your Super energy and abilities. To maximize Orb generation, explore these top locations:

The Blind Well (Dreaming City)

  • Activate charges of light and defend against waves of enemies.
  • Higher-tier charges yield more enemies and Orbs of Power.
  • Utilize the Harmony buff for increased Super regeneration.

Altars of Sorrow (Moon)

  • Defend a ritual site against hordes of Hive and Nightmares.
  • Five waves of enemies, each culminating in a boss battle.
  • The final boss drops a chest with powerful gear, making it an excellent Orb farming location.

The Shattered Throne (Dreaming City)

  • Accessible from the Confluence area, this challenging dungeon offers multiple sections for Orb generation.
  • Thrallway, Ogre maze, and the final boss fight are notable areas.
  • Use the Wish-Ender bow to discover hidden Corrupted Eggs and earn additional loot.

Battlegrounds (Various Planets)

  • Engage in seasonal activities against the Cabal and their champions.
  • Complete objectives, facing numerous enemies that often drop Warmind Cells.
  • Utilize the Light of the Fire mod to generate Orbs of Power by detonating Warmind Cells.

Experiment with different weapon, mod, and subclass combinations to discover the most effective way to create Orbs for yourself and your team. The strategic use of Orbs can significantly impact your performance and survivability in Destiny 2. Don’t underestimate their importance on the battlefield.

Do exotics Generate ORBS in Destiny 2?

Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 can generate Orbs of Power when equipped with a completed catalyst, enhancing their performance. A catalyst is a special item that unlocks the full potential of the exotic weapon. Upon achieving a multi-kill with an exotic weapon with a completed catalyst, players create Orbs of Power for themselves and their teammates, contributing to Super energy and abilities.

However, not all exotic weapons have catalysts, and some, like Thorn, Tarrabah, and Thunderlord, cannot generate Orbs of Power. Notable examples of exotic weapons with catalysts include Hard Light, Trinity Ghoul, and Sleeper Simulant. Checking for a catalyst involves inspecting the weapon in your inventory, where a progress bar and description of the catalyst’s effect will be visible.

It’s crucial to note that upcoming changes in the Witch Queen expansion will shift Orb generation mechanics, detaching it from the weapon’s Masterwork status. Instead, specific armor mods, associated with the Helmet Armor Mod socket, will be required to Generate ORBS of Power Destiny 2 of Power, sparking some controversy within the Destiny 2 community.


As you embark on your journey through Destiny 2, mastering the art of Orb generation will undoubtedly set you apart as a formidable Guardian. Whether you’re raining Orbs with a powerful Super, strategically using Siphon mods, or leveraging Aspects and Fragments, the path to victory is paved with the glowing remnants of your power. May your Orbs be plentiful and your adventures legendary.

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